A number of bursaries and scholarships are available to assist ODs to send their sons to Bishops.
The OD Union operates a bursary fund and there are two other bursaries/scholarships reserved for ODs, the Hoffman-Stempel Bursary and the Paton Scholarship

All applications for OD Union bursaries, the Hoffman-Stempel Bursary and the Paton Scholarship must be submitted via the Bishops admissions office. Bursary application forms can be applied for from the Admissions Secretary. Details on each of the different bursaries and scholarships follow.

OD Union Bursaries:

The OD Union manages and administers a bursary fund to provide bursaries to descendants of ODs so that they may attend Bishops although they would otherwise not be able to afford to do so. Every year the OD Union Bursary Committee allocates a budget that is available to provide bursaries for the year ahead. The OD Union Bursary Committee has decided to integrate its own bursary application process with the school’s bursary application process and has tasked the school’s bursary committee with the assessment of individual applications. The Chairman of the OD Union sits on the school’s bursary committee and represents the interests of the Union on that committee.

In order to meet the school’s cut-off date for confirming places for new pupils, applications for bursaries must be submitted by the end of June in the year prior to the bursary being applied for. No late submissions will be considered.

As the purpose of the OD Union Bursary Fund is to provide financial assistance in cases where the pupil’s family is unable to meet the fees and costs relating to the pupil’s attendance at Bishops, bursary awards will be subject to a means test and a means test form must be submitted together with every bursary application. Applications submitted without a means tests form will not be considered.

Bursaries will only be awarded where the OD is in good standing with the Union and is a fully paid-up member of the Union.

Applications for financial assistance will each be considered on their merits and a rand maximum is allocated to pupils from a particular family. A bursary awarded to one child in a family will not automatically be transferred to other children in that family.

Bursaries will generally be provided for the remainder of the pupil’s time at the school, subject to satisfactory performance by the pupil and the family still requiring financial assistance.

Bursaries will generally be considered for sons of ODs only, i.e. first generation descendants, but the committee does have the discretion to consider other descendants and dependants.

Bursaries will generally be considered only for pupils entering or attending College.

No loans or bridging finance may be provided from the OD Union Bursary Fund.

The Chairman of the school’s Scholarship and Bursaries Committee will respond to all applicants for OD Union bursaries.